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The company was created in 1987 by G. BLAISE and specialised in the trading of bulk milk products essentially all forms of liquid milk transported by tanker truck.

The fall of the Berlin Wall permitted, as of the summer of 1990, a great development of the company due to the volumes of milk that became available in former East-Germany.

This lead to the rewarding of the company in 1989 by Trends Tendance for being the company with the strongest growth in Belgium for the period 88-92 in the category of Small Enterprises.

As of 1992, the company took a new strategic turn by becoming interested in the market of finished long-term preservation products, destined for wholesale distribution, such as UHT milk, UHT cream, etc.

In 1996 the management decided to split the activities, bulk products and finished products, into two distinct companies: EUROFIT for the finished products with long-term preservation destined for wholesale distribution, and SGPMI for industrial products destined for transformation, essentially dairy factories.

In 1998, in view to answer to a huge demand from the french market, Eurofit France was set up.

The same year, feeling the opportunities in South America and most particularly what Brasil could provide and in the futur what Brasil weel need, Eurocom was set up.

Strengthened by the success it encountered in the wholesale distribution sector of its long term-preservation products, EUROFIT launched itself in 2000 on the market of fresh products destined for wholesale distribution, which entailed the elaboration of a new commercial and logistic approach.

Most recently, in September 2009, Eurofit Asia was set up, with one representative office in Shanghai and one office in Hong Kong.